“All Bun and No Wiener”

As many of you can tell, blogging is sort of new to me. I’m getting the hang of the technical side (the webpage), but the writing has been a bit lagging. I realize that as far as writing is concerned, I sound better in my head when I’m telling the story, then the way it must sound when you are reading it. Also, I have a TON of ideas for this blog. Every. Day. However, when I get down to writing… nada.

It’s like my brain has become a black hole. Info goes in there, constantly and in large quantities in most cases, but not much comes out. Take this post for example.

I bet you thought this was gonna be about food.


Everyone Gets A Taste Of The Macaroni

Today’s post is about food. Yum!! I bet you are all saying out loud “FINALLY!!” 

OK. For Father’s Day, we usually all go over to my parents’ house and sit around and drink while my dad grills up some deliciousness. This time around, my dad didn’t feel like grilling his own meal and so we made our way over to Saltgrass Steakhouse. We thought we were being smart by going early (3:00pm! I mean honestly who eats dinner at 3:00pm?!) Wrong!

Apparently, EVERYONE in San Antonio had the same plan; eat early so we can make it back in time to catch game 5 of the NBA Finals. (The San Antonio Spurs were in the finals and they are kind of a big huge GIGANTIC deal in this town in case you haven’t heard.) After a 45 minute wait, which wasn’t too bad considering the number of people that seemed to have been waiting for a table before us, we were seated. Our waiter was pretty awesome- enough small talk to be friendly, but not annoying- plus one of the World Cup games was playing on just about all of the screens. Argentina was playing and Manu Ginobili is from Argentina, so, naturally, every Spurs fan watching the game is an Argentina fan as well, including our family.

So after a few minutes of glancing between the menu and the soccer match and quick conversations about the upcoming Spurs game with Mr. Friendly, our waiter, we all finally decide on Artichoke dip as an appetizer and our individual meals. My sister, after careful consideration and a second opinion from yours truly, cautiously decides on getting the mac & cheese as her side I opt for the baked sweet potato. (No regrets)

Let me just say at this point that sometimes great things happen when you least expect them like finding the perfect pair of shoes on sale. Moving on…

We jovially conversed our way through the bread, then the appetizer. Argentina wins on the big screens and we’re laughing and having fun so I would say it’s been a great dinner so far. Shortly after finishing our salads, out come our entrees. As we were each relishing on our own delicious looking plates, my sister started in on a very small dish set off to the side as if it were an afterthought to the main part of the dish and covered in baked cheese. The moment lasted only a couple of seconds, but my sister suddenly stopped and looked over at us with a face like she had just tasted a bit of heaven. She was oh so quiet.

“Oh my goodness! You’ve got to try this. This tastes like bacon!”

We all tried a forkful and by golly! Miracle of miracles!

The “almost forgotten” dish of mac & cheese

very definitely


very much like…


Not a hint of bacon, but as though it were mac & cheese wrapped in bacon!

Mmmmmmmm… (I’ll let that thought settle in your heads for a sec)




It’s needless to say that Father’s Day was great day. The rest of food was great. We had ZERO room for dessert, France, Brazil, Italy, and Argentina won during the World Cup matches that weekend, and later that night the Spurs beat the Miami Heat in a blowout finals game 5 to take the title as the 2014 NBA Champs! The whole city celebrated. It was a really great weekend.

Your take-away from this post: If you like bacon and you like mac & cheese, try the mac & cheese at Saltgrass Steakhouse.Image

The Longest Day

Since Father’s Day is this weekend, I thought I should share a story about my dad. So many stories… where to start… Something inspirational? Something memorable? Something “awe” worthy? Cute? Romantic?


My story is about The Longest Day- the movie and the greatest World War II epic ever. EVER. Period. It’s my dad’s favorite movie of all time. Let me preface by saying I think at the heart of anything my dad does or says is humor. Humor leads to a smile. A smile leads to laughter. Laughter leads to happiness. Happiness leads to hope. Though he’s probably not aware of how profound he can be. He would just say he’s trying to make you laugh. Levity is his silence filler, conversation starter, and cure-all. He’s the kind of dad that laughs at his own jokes, but he laughs so heartily at them that you can’t help but laugh along. If anyone else were to tell that same joke, you would only here crickets chirping, but not my dad. He’d have the whole room in full on giggle mode.

So, when the movie comes on TV every Memorial Day, D-Day anniversary, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Patriot Day, Labor Day, and whatever made-up celebration day the TV station wants to have, he is absolutely glued to his rolling chair for all 3 gloriously intense hours- only leaving his primo seat for bathroom breaks and to grab a snack or two and ONLY during commercials. It was one of the first movies my dad got when he bought his Blu-ray player. Not to mention it’s also his most quoted movie. Now, I really can’t blame him for loving this movie. It’s a great movie. It’s a classic and with an all-star cast; John Wayne, Sean Connery, Audie Murphy, and tons more.
IMDb-The Longest Day

There are plenty of memorable scenes from The Longest Day. The paratroopers descending on a French village in the middle of the night, the clueless Ally and German soldiers passing each other with only a three foot tall rock wall separating them- just to name a couple. By far though, my dad’s favorite part is when the French Resistance fighters are sitting in their bunker waiting for their coded message with the “go-ahead” to come through.(Clip from The Longest Day) There’s a whole series of seemingly odd messages that come through the radio during this scene and we sometimes continue it with our own made up coded messages.

Spoken in a French accent…
“Juan has a long mustache”
“The tortilla is burning”
“The grey hair has been plucked”

See. It’s silly. I know. The lines are cheesy and lame and it’s certainly not as funny when I tell them, but we definitely have a great laugh when he does. So this Father’s Day I look forward to spending the day with my dad- telling long stories and sharing bad cheesy jokes that might not mean anything to anyone else, but the people involved and laughing at the end of them all anyway.

Happy Father’s Day to my cheesy and goofy dad. Love ya’!

“They haven’t got brains

“They haven’t got Brains, any of them, only grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake, and they don’t Think.” -Eeyore from Welcome to Pooh Corner by A.A.Milne

This is one of my favorite quotes from Eeyore for a couple of reasons. 1) I can somewhat relate to Eeyore; gloomy, straightforward, seemingly apathetic, but deeply caring. 2) There are many times when I feel like the only sane person in the looney bin, but at least they make me laugh. Every day. Non stop. And I wouldn’t leave my “Hundred Acre Wood” for anything… except maybe a really great restaraunt visit or a super fun road trip or a zombie apocalypse. (Not in a particular order)