No Good Donut Goes Unnoticed

There aren’t many people out there that don’t appreciate a good donut. To those that know me, it’s no secret that I love donuts. I prefer a donut over chocolate, cake, pie, candy, cookies, you name it. Give me a good old glazed or plain coffee dunker and I’m your best friend. At work, we’ve made it an unwritten rule that if you are come in late you’re excused as long as you bring donuts (or breakfast tacos, but donuts are cheaper!) *wink* It’s a fun rule- not really “required” for anyone. If you can’t pick some up, then you can’t. It’s understood, but fortunately for all of us we take it VERY seriously. Not really. *stone-cold stare, slowly nodding my head*

I love my job!

I should mention that San Antonio has an abundance of great bakeries and grocery stores that offer beautiful and delicious selections of goodies from which we can choose. Personally, I like the donuts from our local grocery store, HEB, or from any of the local Mexican panaderias (bakeries.) Made fresh every morning and perfectly glazed. Mmmmm! In all actuality, I’m not really picky as to where the donuts come from, but if you ask me where I prefer then HEB would be my choice. Even at the end of the day, the glaze just melts in your mouth.

Now I haven’t done anything extreme such as travel the country in search of the perfect donut to truly call myself a donut super-fan, but I think I can definitely appreciate a fantastic fried pastry marvel. Now most people when they pick up a dozen donuts for home or for office, they get a nice mix of various kinds of donuts. Depending on their timing, they get to choose the kinds of donuts to include in their dozen- glazed, sugar, crème filled, strawberry glazed, chocolate covered, even gluten-free, OH MY!! Donuts can be simple or complex, traditional or unconventional, big or small, round or twisted, fried or baked, smooth or crinkled. I absolutely love that no matter what it’s still a donut. That means that it’s meant to enjoyed in the company of others and generally with the beverage of choice, (coffee over here please!) but never by itself. I’m not saying that you can’t, but if you pay attention, it’s a rarity to catch anyone in the act of eating a donut sans coffee, tea, milk, water, or company. You just can’t eat it alone in any fashion or I should say “shouldn’t.”

So here are the lessons…

1) Just like the saying, “you have to give respect in order to get it,” the same goes for anything else you could except from those around you i.e. love, understanding, compassion, etc. The donuts aren’t supposed to mean that you or anyone is trying to “buy” understanding or barter a blessing from anyone.Donuts bring us together as human beings not just coworkers. Something about the deliciousness of a donut is amplified when you know that the sugary treat is given with no conditions, no strings, just love and appreciation for the people around you who reciprocate an unconditional understanding when, for whatever reason, you just needed a little extra… time… patience… help… empathy…

The key word is reciprocate.

2) It’s the same of people. We may all be different kinds of “donuts” in our box, but we’re still “donuts.” We’re still just human beings despite our flaws and different personalities (our glazes and fillings.) We’re together and we’re meant to be surrounded by others. That’s why donuts shouldn’t be eaten alone. They’re meant to be in the company of others. Just like us.

Now I bet you want a donut. Hurry and go enjoy one before the donut bandit comes for you!


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